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Football- One Of The Popular Sports Around

There is no other team sport in the world that can rival the popularity of football in terms of number of spectators who watch the game and the participants who play football. People on almost every continent either play or watch football that never fails to ignite their passion regardless of their socio-economic background, age, gender or nationality. One of the most important reasons for the popularity of football is that it is inexpensive and accessible to everyone. In this team sport, the only essential equipment you need is a football. Moreover, this popular endurance sport teaches its participants and spectators many inherent life skills that go a long way in helping them to evolve into mature, hardworking and productive members of society.

Jonathan Bunge is an ardent football fan who is passionate about spreading the message of the positive aspects to learning to play this wonderful team game especially the essential life skills that that game inculcates in children. He emphasizes that these essential life skills will help them to mature as well balanced, productive, hardworking and cooperative human beings. His passion for this wonderful endurance game inspires him to write about its positive aspects in many of his blog posts, which children and their parents will find interesting and informative. Jonathan Bunge is engaged in the transport industry and his job leaves him with very little time for himself but this does not stop him from indulging in his passion for writing about his views on football, tattoos and his experiences on the road. He even keeps himself updated on the latest news of his favorite football team, the Cleveland Browns.

Jonathan Bunge emphasizes that football is essential an outdoor endurance game that the participants need to physically and mentally fit in order to compete. In their endeavor to master this endurance sport, these children and adolescents learn the importance of exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet. With regular practice of the field, these children improve their agility, balance, coordination and speed, which go a long way in improving their central nervous system at a very early age.

Jonathan Bunge goes on to explain that while playing this sport, children learn that each player is different and has a vital role to play. Trusting fellow teammates to do their jobs is essential for the success of the team and a critical element in teamwork. Moreover, playing football require discipline that extends beyond passing accurately, controlling the ball and looking for an ideal field position. Moreover, these children learn cope with a number of emotional challenges of the game that include hostile opponents, rough tackles and even biased refereeing decisions while playing this game. However, beside teamwork this endurance game teaches children that true path to success is hard work. Playing football provides children with enormous challenges that go a long way in building their perseverance. They also realize that it is essential to concentrates on their own efforts rather than the outcome of the game.

Jonathan Bunge is among the rare breed of passionate football fans who encourages parents to allow their children to learn to play football at an early age. He emphasizes that the life skills that these children from this endurance sport are a catalyst in their development.