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Follow These 7 Tips & See Your Flowers Bloom For Long

Are you flower fettish? Love for blooming flowers seems no end. They have been the best gifts since forever. Flowers hold a special place in everyone's heart. And what about the ones given by the special ones? I am sure you want to see them blooming forever in front of your eyes. Right? 

So here are some tricky tricks served by a luxury florist online that keep your bouquet and cut flowers blooming forever. Without creating much curiosity let’s just disclose some tricks, here we go.

Your Hairspray : Have you ever thought that your hairspray would keep your flowers fresh for longer time? Yeah! The hairspray not only do wonders for hairstyle, but it can do wonders to preserve flowers, making them look new and fresh for long time. Few spray underside the flower petals work wonders for flower. But be careful spraying more will have the effect adversely.

Vodka : Those tiny monsters called bacteria destroy the pretty flowers so easily. All you need to do is add few drops of vodka in water. Also a spoon full of sugar in water. This keeps flower fresh for longer time. As well the nourishment need of flower are met by sugar.

Copper : Another trick is adding copper penny. Those copper pennies also act as the savior to your cut flowers! All you need to do is keep copper pennies in water and even add sugar to it! The reason behind adding copper pennies is that it acts as an acidifier, which implies that the penny helps to slow down the bacteria growth and ultimately you will see your flowers blooming for long time.

Sweet Sugar : If you have analyzed the above mentioned tips, you would have found that one common thing seen in every method is adding ‘SUGAR’. Ever wondered why sugar?? Ummm... It is because sugar provides nourishment to flowers. Yeah it keeps flower blooming. And the rest of the substances just puts end to bacterial growth!!

Time To Trim : Trimming flowers can help the flowers to stay live for long. Make sure you cut the stem each time you change water and along with that remove the lower leaves from the stems – make sure that aren’t in water. Cut the stem slant, this will help to keep flower longer.  Is that it? No, cut the leaves down the stem also the sepals. Your bouquet will look fresh for longer.

Keep Flowers Away From Excess Light : Keeping your flowers in direct sunlight will wilt them faster. Direct sunlight can act as a monster when you want to see your flowers blooming for long. So keep the gift of your loved ones in cool place, so that the memory doesn’t wilt fast!

Nothing better than an expert : The world of God is so beautiful. Every flower is different and so the preserving techniques are different. To preserve them you need to know about flowers. Like tulips need to be trim regularly while the others just don't need it! Knowledge about flowers will keep your flowers bloom long.

Amazing isn't it?? Your flowers, your memories will stay for long with these handy tips!