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Creating the Most Tasty Hot Dog

With the warmer weather drawing near you can smell the fresh cut grass and barbecues  cooking burgers and hot dogs. If you are taking in a baseball game, what better way to enjoy than with a hot dog? So, how do you enjoy your hot dog? We’ve got several ways to upgrade your dog and make it the tastiest this summer.

Simple Toppings for Your Hot Dog

When it comes to a weiner, ketchup and mustard have always been a go-to topping. These two condiments have always made for a great dog. If you are feeling a little more daring, you might choose to add some relish or onions to your hot dog. However, if these simple toppings are just not satisfying your needs, you might want to try something new this summer.

Use the Grill for Your Toppings

When grilling your hot dogs, why not try grilling some of your toppings. If veggies are your preference, then try grilling some onions or peppers to toss on top of your hot dog. You might even consider grilling some avocado or pineapple to give your dog a different taste.

Why Not Try to Bacon?
Most people love bacon for more than just breakfast. So, why not try wrapping your hot dog in a little bacon? Simply wrap a strip or two of bacon around your hot dog and hold it in place with a toothpick. It’s sure to add some great flavor to your weiner.

Speaking of breakfast food, another way to upgrade your hot dog this summer is by adding a fried egg to the top. The yolk will serve as a tasty condiment, and you are sure to have a tasty dog.

More Meat!
What better way to improve your hot dog than by adding more meat? Have you considered adding some pulled pork, chili or even cheesesteak to your dog? By adding meat and other toppings you can create the ultimate hot dog that will be hard to resist.

Toasting Your Buns
Hot dogs are not only about the dog and what’s on top, but they are also about the buns. Having a not-so-great bun can ruin your dining experience. Did you know that throwing your hot dog buns on the grill for a short time can help improve the taste? The crispiness of the bun will give a little more texture.

Making the Best Hot Dog this Summer
When it comes to your hot dog, don’t be shy. Throw together any types of toppings you wish. Whether you want to make a chili cheese dog or a Philly cheesesteak hot dog, whatever you decide is sure to be tasty. So, next time you decide to take out the grill and have a barbecue, take some of our suggestions and create a new type of hot dog that all of your friends and family will rave about. Don’t leave your hot dog naked this summer, give it the full toppings it deserves.