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Commercial Solar Power

Everyone knows how much of a pressing issue climate change is. That’s why we need everyone to work together to combat it – this includes households, charities, schools and even businesses. Constantly pressured by the need to cut down on their greenhouse gas emissions, many businesses are now choosing to use solar power.

Increase Cash Flow
Solar power may be a big investment, but it’s definitely worth it. You can choose to pay in different ways with companies, for example loans and leases. Once you’ve paid off the price for your solar power, though, the benefits will be incredible. 

If you have a big building and you choose to almost cover your roof with solar panels, you will be producing a lot of electricity. Look at it this way – two solar thermal panels can heat up enough water for a family of four. Imagine what you could do. This is not even to mention that your electricity bills will be drastically decreased.  

Any energy that you don’t use can be sold to the electricity grid and you will find that you will probably be making a lot more money than you were previously, as you will have a new source of profit. Not to mention the good reputation that renewable energy gives to companies, meaning your appeal to customers may increase. 

Many solar power schemes come with monitoring systems which will usually be displayed on a dashboard. On this dashboard, you will find information about how much money you are making from selling your surplus power, as well as information on any problems that might occur with your panels. 

Luckily, most of these solar power schemes come with a warranty and a maintenance contract (Sunbug Solar’s contract covers your service for the entire lifespan of your solar array). This means you can be completely at ease knowing that your solar panels are unlikely to have any faults, and if they do, they will be sorted out by trained professionals. That means you don’t have to send any of your employees up onto the roof!

Some places will also visit your site and give you a visual inspection of the panels, making sure they are working at their optimum and best, and to make sure they are not a health and safety hazard (although this is very very unlikely). 

As we all know, climate change is a huge issue at the moment. Many people feel very passionately about this and will actually avoid companies if they are not environmentally friendly. Having solar panels is a more sustainable way to work – you reduce your carbon footprint, your greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately your contribution to climate change. 

Doing this will gain you a very good reputation and will draw people towards you rather than away from you. Turn your company around and become known for your positive contributions to the environment. If you choose to get solar panels, everyone will see you much more positively. What’s not to love about that?